Surface Magazine Produces In Lock-Step With Global Freelancers Using Kalo

Surface Magazine
Monthly visitors:90M+
Customer since:2017

By consolidating and unifying freelancer management on the Kalo platform, Surface magazine enjoyed an immediate boost in performance in key metrics involving their freelancer program. By having a hub where all invoices, contracts, assignments, and payments are stored and easily accessible, they saw a 67% reduction in freelancer onboarding time, a 93% faster delivery of freelancer payments, and a 38% reduction in administrative time.

The Company

Surface Magazine is a prominent American magazine covering design, architecture, fashion, culture, and travel. Along with the magazine’s in-depth printed content they regularly produce stories, videos, and other online content.

The Challenge

While Surface is on the cutting edge of contemporary design, their internal tools for managing hundreds of freelancers had been manual, disorganized and time-intensive. This lack of organization was contributing to the time that editors, finance, and freelancers themselves spent on administrative tasks rather than actual content production.

The Solution

By moving the freelance management process at Surface onto the Kalo Plattform they have been able to reduce their administrative time spent on freelancer management by as much as 38% and see a 93% faster delivery of freelancer payments. The simplicity of keeping all important documents in one place and the inviting, user-friendly design made for an easy transition but a dramatic improvement of Day-to-day operations.

Within minutes of uploading our messy spreadsheet to Kalo, our data had transformed into freelancer profiles and Surface Magazine had its own interactive freelancer network.

Lily Wan, Managing Editor


70%Reduction in freelancer onboarding time
95%Faster delivery of freelancer payments
40%Reduction in administrative time