Chime Bank fuels their word of mouth growth with freelancer talent, managed in Kalo.

Chime Bank
Customer since:2018

By taking advantage of Kalo’s freelance management Chime replaced endless email threads with organized, efficient workflows between their team and their freelancers. They eliminated the day-to-day hassles of not having a centralized database, and cut out the time wasted searching through spreadsheets and emails for freelancer details. With Kalo all the essential information they need is always at their fingertips and easily accessible.

The Company

Chime is one of the fastest-growing bank accounts in the U.S, with over one million bank accounts opened. Chime helps members avoid bank fees, save money automatically, and lead healthier financial lives. Founded by financial and tech industry veterans, Chime offers a modern, mobile and connected approach to banking that gives members complete control of their finances.

The Challenge

Chime uses high quality, content on relevant financial topics to inspire, educate and engage with their millions of members. They depend on a network of freelance writers who are personal finance experts to create the content they publish. As the volume and scale of the program increased, the marketing team struggled to keep up with all the administrative work that came with ad-hoc workflows — managing the flow between assignments, invoice creation, manual approvals, and payments, required coordination between multiple teams and individuals across marketing , editorial, finance, and legal.

Once we got Kalo setup I could eliminate the manual tasks. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to manage everything on an ongoing basis.

The Solution

Chime discovered Kalo as a way to build a searchable database of all the essential information relevant to their freelancers. Quickly they expanded their usage to take advantage of the other capabilities Kalo offered including tracking assignments, invoices, and payments. The overall time spent managing freelancers went from hours per week down to minutes. They took advantage of Kalo’s search and organization features, adding all of their onboarding materials and legal documents and merging that with assignment level tracking to give them a complete view of what’s happening at any moment. Having everything in a centralized system like Kalo has enabled them to scale the program and efficiently incorporate new internal team members who are able to get up to speed quickly.

When I first started we managed everything through email, it was such a hassle to have to go back and search for information in Gmail again and again. If you’re managing freelancers Kalo is definitely going to save you hours of time.

Monchette Gonda, Growth


95%Reduction in time spend processing payments